Help Voters Get I.D.

Voter ID laws are one of the most effective methods of suppressing an American's right to vote. If you are unfamiliar with the evils of Voter ID laws then check out the Truth About Voter ID.


Over 31 states require some form of ID to register and/or vote. And until the courts strike down these laws or until these laws are repealed, the people in those states have to overcome this obstacle in order to votevote.

Getting Voter ID is not always easy and it is rarely free. And some voters don't have the ability, time, or money to get an ID on their own. They need help. And that's where you come in.

You can volunteer with organizations like SPREAD THE VOTE which was formed by Demand the Vote member, Kat Calvin, to specifically help people in states with Voter ID laws get an ID. If you can't find a local chapter to join you can always DONATE.

You can also check out VOTE RIDERS and CARPOOL VOTE or you can search for other organizations that are specific to your state. Or you can go out on your own or with friends to help voters obtain Voter ID.

Registering voters is great, but in some states, without Voter ID a registered voter still is unable to vote.