Phone Banking

 Phone banking at a Civic Sundays Group

Phone banking at a Civic Sundays Group

Every election matters and there are candidates running in special elections across the country almost every Tuesday that need your help. There are bills being proposed in state legislatures to fight or support. Regardless if these elections or bills are in your district or in another state, you can still have an impact by calling voters in those areas. By phoning people you can let them know upcoming about elections, candidates, bills in their legislature, and ballot initiatives.

How to Phonebank

Pick a location like your home, a friend or family member's home, or a workspace with good wifi and cell phone service.

Invite as many as you feel like hosting and tell everyone to bring a phone and laptop. Headsets are good too. Decide which candidate you are going to support and join their phone bank. Not sure who or how?

Check out CODE BLUE which is an organization that started shortly after the 2016 Election and is an amazing resource when it comes to phone and text banking opportunities. They put out a DAILY ACTION PAGE with candidates to support along with all the info you'll need: call scripts, phone bank logins, additional talking points and more.

If there is another candidate or cause that you feel strongly about that you don't see listed on the Code Blue site then contact your candidate's campaign office to see if there are phone banking opportunities.