Register Voters

Registering newly-sworn in citizens at the LA Convention Center.

Registering newly-sworn in citizens at the LA Convention Center.

The more voters we have, the more our country reflects who we are as a collective people. Diversity is our strength. And you can add more voters by getting out there and registering them. It's easy and fun to do!

One way is to volunteer with organizations that already are doing this. You just show up with a smile and start registering. After a walkthrough, of course.

A Few Voter Registration Organizations
Register Blue
Rock the Vote
Voto Latino
League of Women Voters
Local Democratic Club
Swing Left
Action Together Network

Political Action Committees (PACs) and candidates also host registration drives and always need volunteers.

Or you can always host your own registration drive. The rules on how to do this varies in each state. Some require training and there are also guidelines as to how many forms you can have and when they must be turned in. Check Fair Elections Legal Network to find the rules in your state. Or call the office of your State Election Director.

And don't forget to REGISTER YOURSELF!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some states require specific forms of ID when voting that a voter might not need to register. So as part of your registration event make sure to ask each new voter if they have one of the forms of ID that they will need when it comes time to vote. And if they do NOT have any of those IDs then have information on hand on how they can obtain one or direct them to any organizations like SPREAD THE VOTE and VOTE RIDERS who can assist them.