Voting In Arkansas

November 6, 2018
October 9, 2018



ID required to register?

ID REQUESTED. First-time registrants are requested to provide their Arkansas Driver's License or Non-Driver State ID number, or the last four digits of their social security number. If the voter has never been issued either one of these they may still register to vote but are requested to provide an ID from an approved list of IDs.

Voters who do not provide the requested ID will be required to provide it when voting in person or by absentee ballot.

Click HERE for more info.

Online Registration?

NO. Contact your state representatives and ask them to create online voter registration for all Arkansas voters.

Paper Form Registration

Voters can register to vote in-person, or they can download and print a form in ENGLISH or SPANISH; or request a form to be mailed from the Arkansas Secretary of State Website. Completed forms can be mailed or hand delivered to their County Clerk.

DEADLINE | By Mail: Postmarked thirty (30) days before any Election.
DEADLINE | In-Person: Thirty (30) days before any Election.

Election Day Registration

NO. However, voters already registered may update their registration info after the deadline.

Contact your state representatives and ask them to allow all Arkansas voters to register to vote at their polling place on Election Day.

Automatic Registration?

NO. Contact your state representatives and ask that they enact automatic voter registration in Arkansas.

Have you moved?

If a registered voter has moved within the state of Arkansas but has not updated their voter registration information.

NEW Address, SAME Polling Place
Voters can vote at their usual polling place after confirming their change of address regardless of how close to the election they moved.

NEW Address, SAME County, NEW Polling Place
Voters can vote at the polling place associated with their new address after the Poll Worker confirms that the voter is registered in the county and congressional district. Voters must confirm their current address, fill out a new voter registration application form and sign the voter registration list.

If the Poll Worker is unable to verify the voter's registration then the voter may vote a Provisional Ballot.

NEW Address, NEW County
Voters must update their voter registration info by the fourth (4th) day before any Election in order to be eligible to vote.

Click HERE to find your polling place.

Pre-Register Youth?

LIMITED. A voter may register to vote if they will be eighteen (18) on or before the next Election.

Contact your state representatives and ask them to allow voters to pre-register to vote after they turn sixteen (16).


ID required to vote?

PHOTO ID REQUIRED. Voters will be asked to provide photo ID. First-time voters who registered by mail after January 1, 2003 and did not provide the requested ID may be required to show ID to vote a regular ballot.

Voters who cannot provide the required ID may vote a Provisional Ballot and sign an affidavit, or return to the Country Board of Election Commissioners by 12:00pm on the Monday following Election Day with the proper ID.

Voters who are struggling to get an ID from the State of Arkansas can get outside help from Spread the Vote, VoteRiders, or Carpool Vote.

Absentee Voting?

LIMITED. Only QUALIFIED voters may vote by absentee ballot. Click HERE to see if you qualify.

Eligible voters can download and print an application which can be mailed or hand delivered to their County Clerk.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: In-Person is one (1) day BEFORE any Election. By mail or online is seven (7) days before Election Day.


LIMITED. Only Absentee Voters may Vote-by-Mail. See ABSENTEE VOTING for more info.

Contact your state representatives and ask them to expand Vote-by-Mail to all voters in Arkansas.

Early Voting?

YES. All registered voters may vote early In-Person at their County Clerk's Office. Off-site early voting is also available. Contact your County Clerk for hours and locations.

In-Person Early Voting begins fifteen (15) days before a General or Primary Election OR seven (7) days before a Special Election and ends at 5:00pm the Monday before Election Day.

Youth Vote in Primary?

NO. Contact your state representatives and ask them to allow all voters who will be eighteen (18) on or before any Election to vote in the preceding Primary Election.



Student Voters

Students attending college in Arkansas should visit the CAMPUS PROJECT for more information on registering to vote and voting in Arkansas.


Military and Overseas Voters should go HERE for more info on registering to vote and voting in Arkansas.

Felon Voting Rights

Voters convicted of a felony are eligible to have their right to vote restored after serving their term of incarceration, parole and probation, as well as paid all probation or parole fees, and all applicable court costs, fines, or restitution.

Former felons must obtain proof from the appropriate state or local agencies that the above-mentioned requirements have been completed, or proof that your record has been expunged. This info must be submitted to the Voter Registration Department of the County Clerk’s office where the ex-felon now resides. Click HERE.

Former felons must RE-REGISTER to vote.

Voters With Disabilities

Voters with special needs should contact their County Clerk to plan ahead.



DISCLAIMER: We try to have the most current and complete information. But, if you think something is incorrect or incomplete, please feel free to LET US KNOW so we can correct it. Furthermore, we encourage voters to contact their state election officials if they have any questions.