Voting In Florida


Online Registration?

YES. Voters can register to vote or update their information ONLINE. Voters must have a valid Florida Driver's License or non-driver State ID to register online.

Twenty-nine (29) days before Election Day.

Paper Form Registration

Voters who want to find out about registering in-person, or who need more information can go HERE. Or they can contact their County Supervisor of Elections.

Registration Form (English)
Registration Form (Spanish)

By Mail: Postmarked twenty-nine (29) days before Election Day.
In-Person: Twenty-nine (29) days before Election Day.

Election Day Registration

NO. Contact your state representatives and ask them to allow all Florida voters to register to vote at their polling place on Election Day.

Automatic Registration?

NO. Contact your state representatives and ask them to enact automatic voter registration in Florida.

Have you moved?

If a registered voter has moved within the state of Florida but has not updated their voter registration information.

• Registered voters who move to a new county that uses electronic pollbooks or move within their own county can fill out a change of address form at their new polling place and cast a regular ballot on Election Day.

• Registered voters who move to a new county that does not use electronic pollbooks can cast a Provisional Ballot at their new polling place if they did not update their address prior to Election Day.

Click HERE to find your Polling Place.

Pre-Register Youth?

YES. Voters who are sixteen (16) and older may choose to pre-register and will automatically be added to the voter rolls at eighteen (18).


ID required to vote?

PHOTO ID REQUIRED. Voters are required to provide Photo ID from a list of approved documents. The ID must include your signature which they will match against a voter's registration signature.

Voters who do not provide the required ID may vote a Provisional Ballot which will count provided that the signature matches the voter's registration signature.

Voters who are struggling to get an ID from the State of Florida can get outside help from Spread the Vote, VoteRiders, or Carpool Vote.

Absentee Voting?

Vote-by-Mail has replaced Absentee Voting. See VOTE-BY-MAIL for more information.


YES. All registered voters may choose to Vote-by-Mail. For more info on vote-by-mail, voters should go HERE.

Voters can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot in person, by mail, or online via their County Supervisor of Elections website.

By Mail: Received by 5:00 p.m. on the sixth day before Election Day.
In-Person: By 7:00pm on Election Day.

Early Voting?

YES. All registered voters may vote early In-Person. Check HERE for more hours and locations.

BEGINS: Ten (10) days before Election Day
ENDS: Three (3) days before Election Day.

NOTE: Additional days can be added at the discretion of the County Supervisor of Elections.

Youth Vote in Primary?

NO. Contact your state representatives and ask them to allow all voters who will be eighteen (18) on or before any Election to vote in the preceding Primary Election.



Student Voters

Students attending college in Florida should visit the CAMPUS PROJECT for more information on registering to vote and voting in Florida.


Military and Overseas Voters should go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website for more information on registering to vote and voting in Florida.

Felony conviction?

Voters convicted of a felony are eligible to apply to have their right to vote restored after:

  • completing their term of incarceration
  • completing their parole
  • completing their probation
  • paid all court-ordered fines, fees and/or restitution
  • wait five (5) years, some convictions require seven (7) years

• Depending on the type of conviction voters may be required to go before a Clemency Board and provide additional certified copies of documents. Applicant can be denied for no reason then must wait two (2) years until they can apply again.
• It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to regain the right to vote in Florida. For those wishing to help re-enfranchise these voters please check out Second Chances Florida.

• Voters can use the Campaign Legal Center's website to Restore Your Vote.
• Voters who lost their right to vote MUST re-register to vote.

Voters With Disabilities

Voters with disabilities should go HERE for more info.



DISCLAIMER: We try to have the most current and complete information. But, if you think something is incorrect or incomplete, please feel free to LET US KNOW so we can correct it. Furthermore, we encourage voters to contact their state election officials if they have any questions.