Voting In Louisiana


Forms and Deadlines

Registration Form (English)

By Mail: Postmarked thirty (30) days before Election Day
In Person: Thirty (30) days before Election Day

To find where to register in person, or for more information:
• Visit your Official State Website
• Contact your Parish Registrar of Voters

Online Registration

Voters can register to vote or update their information ONLINE. To register online voters must have a valid Louisiana Driver's License or non-driver State ID.

11:59p, twenty (20) days before Election Day

Election Day Registration

Currently, voters are NOT permitted to register to vote on Election Day.

Ask your state representatives to pass legislation which will allow voters to register at their polling place on Election Day.

Automatic Registration

Currently, voters are NOT automatically registered to vote.

Ask your state representatives to pass legislation which will automatically register eligible Louisiana residents to vote when they apply for a driver's license or interact with other state agencies.

Can you pre-register?

YES. Voters who are sixteen (16) and older may choose to pre-register and will automatically be added to the voter rolls at eighteen (18).

NOTE: They MUST register in person at a Registrar of Voters Office or Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

Have you moved?

For registered voters who have moved within the state of South Carolina but have not updated their voter registration information.

NEW Address, SAME Polling Place
Voters can vote at their usual polling place after confirming their change of address regardless of how close to the election they moved.

NEW Address, SAME Parish, NEW Polling Place
Voters can vote at the polling place associated with your old address.

Moved to a NEW Parish within 3 Months
Voters can vote at the polling place associated with your old address.

Moved to a NEW Parish more than 3 Months
Voters must update their voter registration before the registration deadline or they may not be eligible to vote.

Click HERE to find your polling place.

Address Confidentiality Program

Voters who are members of the ACP may choose to keep their address confidential and use their ACP address when registering to vote. Voters can go HERE for more information on registering, or how to join the program.



Early Voting

All registered voters may vote early in person at their Registrar of Voters Office or at designated locations in the parish. Check HERE for more hours and locations.

BEGINS: Fourteen (14) days before Election Day
ENDS: Seven (7) days before Election Day

Absentee Voting

Vote-by-Mail has replaced Absentee Voting. Please see VOTE-BY-MAIL for more information.


Only QUALIFIED voters are permitted to Vote-by-Mail. Check HERE to see if you qualify.

General Absentee Application
Disabled Absentee Application
Request Online

Received by 4:30pm on the 4th day before Election Day

Hospitalized voters may submit up until 4:30 p.m. the day before Election Day

For more info on Voting-by-Mail:
• Visit your Official State Website
• Contact your Registrar of Voters

Ask your state representatives to expand Vote-by-Mail to all voters in Louisiana.

Do you need Voter ID?

Voters will be asked to present a photo ID from an approved list of IDs. Voters can go HERE for more info.

EXCEPTION: Voters who do not provide the requested ID may still vote after signing a Voter Identification Affidavit. This is subject to challenge which would require the voter to vote a Provisional Ballot. Please see PROVISIONAL BALLOTS for more info.

Voters who are struggling to get an ID from the State of Tennessee may get outside help from Spread the Vote, VoteRiders, or Carpool Vote.

Provisional Ballots

Voters may have to vote a Provisional Ballot on Election Day if the:

• voter is not on the registration list
• voter's right to vote is challenged

NOTE: Voters who vote a provisional ballot may only be allowed to vote for federal offices and may not be permitted to vote for state, local or municipal offices; propositions; or state constitutional amendments. Voters should vote at the correct location to vote a full ballot.

Track Your Provisional Ballot

Polling Hours

7:00am to 8:00pm, Central Time Zone

IMPORTANT: If you are in line by 8:00pm you are guaranteed the right to vote. Do NOT get out of line.

Primary Election Rules

Louisiana does not hold a traditional primary election. The primary is actually a general election in which all candidates appear on a single ballot and all registered voters may vote. If a candidate does receives 50% or more of the vote then they are the winner. If a candidate does NOT receive 50% or more than there is a runoff election between the top two vote getters.

Youth Vote in Primary?

Louisiana does not hold a traditional primary election so this does apply here.

Having a problem?

If you are experiencing difficulty voting, intimidation from poll workers or other voters, long lines, broken machines, a closed or incorrect polling station, or any other obstacle keeping you from casting your ballot, call the:

Election Protection Hotline
• English 866-687-8683
• Spanish 888-839-8682
• Arabic 844-925-5287
• Asian (multiple) 888-274-8683



College Students

Students from out-of-state attending college in Louisiana, or students who already live in Louisiana but attend college in another part of the state can visit the:

Official State Website
Campus Project


For more info on registering to vote and voting, Military and Overseas voters can go to the:

Official State Website
Federal Voting Assistance Program
Overseas Vote Foundation

Felony conviction?

Voters convicted of a felony will have their right to vote automatically restored after:

  • completing their term of incarceration
  • whichever of these two things happens sooner:
    • completing their parole and/or probation, OR
    • five (5) years have passed since they were incarcerated

NOTE: Voters convicted of violating the Louisiana Election Code must complete their term of parole and/or probation before their right to vote will be restored regardless of how many years have passed since they were incarcerated.

• Voters who lost their right to vote MUST re-register to vote.
• For more assistance, voters can use the Campaign Legal Center's website to Restore Your Vote.

Have a disability?

Voters with a disability who need more information about accessibility and voting can check out the Official State Website.



DISCLAIMER: We try to have the most current and complete information. But, if you think something is incorrect or incomplete, please feel free to LET US KNOW so we can correct it. Furthermore, we encourage voters to contact their state election officials if they have any questions.