Voting In Washington

August 7, 2018
Mail/Online | July 9, 2018
In-Person | July 30, 2018




ID required to register?

YES. Voters MUST provide their Washington Driver's License Number or State ID Number; OR the last four digits of their social security number when applying by mail or in person.

Online Registration?

YES. Voters can register to vote or update their information ONLINE. Voters must have a valid Washington Driver's License or non-driver State ID to register online.

DEADLINE: Twenty-nine (29) days before any Election

Paper Registration

Voters can download and print a form that can be mailed or hand delivered to their County Elections Department. Voters can also request one in person or by mail from their County Elections Department.

DEADLINE: By mail is twenty-nine (29) days before any Election; in-person is eight (8) days before any Election.

Same-Day Registration?

NO. Same-Day Registration was passed in March 2018 and will go into effect on June 30, 2019.

Automatic Registration?

NO. AVR was passed in March 2018 and will go into effect on July 1, 2019.

Pre-Register Youth?

LIMITED. A voter may register to vote if they will be eighteen (18) on or before the next Election.

Full pre-registration was passed in March 2018 and will go into effect on July 1, 2019.

Registration Portability?

N/A. Washington is an "All-Mail Voting" state so there are no polling places. Voters should make sure their address on file is current so they will receive their ballot.


ID required to vote?

YES. Voters wishing to vote in-person must provide a Photo ID: a Washington driver’s license or state ID card, a student ID card, a tribal ID card, or an employer ID card.

Voters who don’t have a photo ID may vote a provisional ballot which will count if the signature on their ballot declaration matches the signature on their voter registration record.

Absentee Voting?

Vote-by-Mail has replaced Absentee Voting. See VOTE-BY-MAIL for more information.


YES. Washington is an "All-Mail Voting" state which means every registered voter AUTOMATICALLY receives a vote-by-mail-ballot beginning eighteen (18) days before each Election. Voters should make sure their information is current in order to receive their ballot. Voters can update their address at MyVote or by contacting their County Election Department.

Early Voting?

YES. All registered voters may early vote In-Person in the county in which they are registered. Voting centers are open during business hours during the voting period. Check with your County Election Department for the location of your voting center. ID is required to vote in person.

In-Person Early Voting begins eighteen (18) days before Election Day and ends at 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Youth Vote in Primary?

LIMITED. Voters registered as Democrats who will be eighteen (18) on or before a Presidential Election may vote in the Democratic Presidential Caucus.

Contact your state representatives and ask them to allow all voters who will be eighteen (18) on or before any Election to vote in the preceding Primary Election.



Student Voters

Students attending college in Washington should visit the CAMPUS PROJECT for more information on registering to vote and voting in Washington.


Military and Overseas Voters should go HERE for more information on registering to vote and voting in Washington.

Felon Voting Rights

An ex-felon who has completed their term of incarceration, probation, and parole will have their right to vote restored. If the Secretary of State determines an ex-felon has willfully failed to make three payments on court imposed fines their ability to vote may be revoked. Ex-felons MUST re-register to vote.

Voters With Disabilities

Voters with disabilities should go HERE for more info.



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